PurePro® ECO RO Membrane : The New Generation RO Membrane with a Mineral Guard Technology

PurePro® USA Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements With Mineral Guard Technology.  Create your own mineral water, just like nature ! 

PurePro Eco RO Membrane features next-generation membrane technology offering the highest quality permeate at 30% lower energy consumption.  Enabled with a Mineral Guard technology, this membrane retains essential minerals in your drinking water, making it safe, pure and healthy. The size of the pores on the Eco Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane are  0.0003 microns allowing it to remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, viral contaminants, and other dangerous elements while still allowing valuable minerals to pass through, and for your body to absorb.

R/O Drinking water should contain minimum levels of certain essential minerals  

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"Recommendation from the National Medical Institutions of the United States"

As a medical professor with a doctoral degree, I highly recommend the PurePro alkaline RO water purifier. It is an ideal product that meets the market trend of increasing demand for water purifiers. It not only provides high-quality, pure, and healthy drinking water but also improves the taste of the water, giving you a more enjoyable drinking experience. In addition, the PurePro alkaline RO water purifier has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. It can effectively reduce the use of plastic bottles, reduce environmental pollution, and lower environmental costs.

In terms of water quality, the PurePro alkaline RO water purifier is a highly efficient, reliable, and safe water filtration system that can filter out harmful substances in the water while retaining beneficial minerals. It can also increase the pH value of the water, improve the body's acid-base balance, and enhance the taste and purity of the water, which is beneficial to protecting the health of you and your family. Therefore, I strongly recommend the PurePro alkaline RO water purifier, which can provide you and your family with the best drinking water and make your life healthier and better.

In an RO water filtration system, harmful substances are not the only things removed - valuable minerals can also be stripped away. Adding mineral filters, alkaline filters, and far-infrared filters can help to restore essential minerals and improve the taste of the water, making it a wise choice.

The PurePro X6 system offers a comprehensive 6-stage purification process, featuring an Eco RO membrane with mineral protection and a UV light sterilizer to eliminate harmful contaminants, ensuring safe and clean drinking water. The UV light sterilization is capable of effectively removing cysts, viruses, microorganisms, and dangerous bacteria like E. Coli and Fungi, making it a reliable choice. The Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element with Mineral Guard Technology further contributes to retaining essential minerals in the purified water. In conclusion, the PurePro X6 system is a remarkable solution to producing clean, safe, and delicious drinking water.

PurePro USA Alkaline RO System:  https://www.alkaline-ro.com/